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To ensure your camp receives any emergency weather/traffic/parking notices and information, assign at least 1 of your camp administration staff or camp coordinators to sign up for Mason Alert. The Mason Alert system provides up to date information as unexpected situations arise. Assigning someone from your camp to receive these messages will allow your camp to be better prepared for unexpected situations. This person in conjunction with other camp administrators can then decide camp logistics if necessary.

Sign up at and then select "Fairfax Severe Weather" and any other group that may apply under "Weather Alerts for Northern Virginia Counties." This way you will be be sent alerts should the campus be under Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and Tornado Watches & Warnings. Alerts can be sent via text message and email. Furthermore, familiarize yourself with campus if you are not already and in case of severe weather, know where the closest building is to seek shelter for your camp participants. For more information on Severe Weather preparedness, go to